When you think of healing, standing in -250 degrees below freezing does not come to mind but in a nut shell this is what cryotherapy is, and the benefits of this kind of healing are extensive. Let’s start with the question, “What is whole body cryotherapy?” Whole body cryotherapy is an innovative way of healing your body using super cooled Nitrogen gas that cools the air around you dropping the temperatures to -133 through -320 degrees F. At these temperatures your body drop from its normal 98 degrees down to about 30-50 degrees putting your body in a “fight or flight” mode. The fight or flight mode” increases blood flow through the body especially to major muscles groups; adrenaline is pumped into your blood stream giving you a natural energy boost. At this time your immune system kicks into high gear providing your body with everything you need to heal quicker and more effectively. Now when you think of healing, standing in -250 degrees below freezing sounds interesting and the benefits as afore mentioned are extensive.

The Process
The process is simple and is over in as quick as two and a half minutes. The first step in the process will be getting into the attire for the whole body cryotherapy session. The technician will have you put on protective socks and slippers that you will wear along with your personal under garments. You will be given a robe and taken back to the cryo chamber itself. There the trained technician will adjust the cryo chamber to your height and set the temperature and time. When you enter the chamber there will be an electronic display to the side displaying what temperature the chamber is. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, the door to the chamber is always unlocked and you can walk out at any time. Once you enter the technician will begin the temperature drop, and at that point all you need to do is wait the time out. The entire process is quick, easy and effective. You will feel more energized for about 6 hours after the entire process. In addition any pain that you had previously felt will be alleviated additionally due to endorphins released from your brain during the process you will feel happier.

The Benefits
There are multiple benefits to using cryotherapy ranging from helping the mind in anxiety, depression, and alleviating stress to beauty benefits of tighter pores, reduced cellulite and promoting weight loss and other effects such as pain relief, helps swelling and soreness, and helps blood circulation, greater testosterone in men, more energy, and decreased inflammation Overall all of these benefits that your body naturally produces can be generated as a result of whole body cryotherapy.

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