Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy

For those seeking relief from swollen legs, chronic wounds, lymphedema or related conditions, compression pump therapy can dramatically improve quality of life. Many who have tried using compression hose, wrappings, manual lymph drainage and other wound care methods have drastically improved by adding compression pump therapy to their regimen.

Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression pumps provide:

  • Ease of use: the compact pump provides a relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • Non-invasive pressure applied by the pump moves blood and fluid (lymph) up through the body, mimicking the way muscles move during exercise.
  • Healthy circulation, reduced swelling and pain relief.
  • Faster wound healing; patients experience renewed energy with continued use.

Beyond simply providing equipment, Medical Solutions Supplier is committed to providing personal attention along with step-by-step instructions to ensure that patients achieve the best possible results once a compression pump is prescribed. Our team is dedicated to patient well-being, and we are motivated by the successful transformations experienced by our patients nationwide.

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