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Why We Do Cryotherapy?

-250º Cryotherapy was established after our founder, Brock Roberts experienced the unique benefits of cryotherapy for himself.

Brock had been involved in a major auto crash about two years earlier at the hight of his athletic fitness. In this accident, Brock was thrown through his windshield, and into the grill of the truck that had hit his compact car.

Though it was a miracle that Brock lived, his abilities were several limited, and pain was constant and overwhelming. Never a quitter, Brock searched tirelessly for better solutions and eventually came across many promising research papers on cryotherapy.

Becoming convinced by the science he found, that cryotherapy had unique potential, Brock began searching for a place to try it out. Finding nothing anywhere close to his home in Washington, he and his family packed up their belonging, rented out their home and headed for Utah with the plan to stop and try cryotherapy along the way.

After hours of driving a moving truck, and in the hight of his pain and discomfort, Brock finally arrived at the cryotherapy center where he would experience his first treatment.

Brock left this treatment feeling less pain than he had since the accident, and he was able to drive the many hours following hours in surprising comfort. After sleeping better that night as well, he knew the science was true, and that cryotherapy was the answer for him!

With a background in business, Brock didn’t just move his family closer to a cryotherapy center so he could be treated himself. Instead, he built a plan to gather all the most helpful modalities he had studied and found for his own recovery and for athletes like him, and he built -250º Cryotherapy, a sports recovery day spa with all benefits an athlete needs, and all the luxuries anyone wants.

-250º Cryotherapy takes recovery to new levels with the goal to provide the most impactful, complete, and enjoyable range of treatments for athletes and anyone pushing themselves to higher limits, or suffering from pain for any reason.

When you come to -250º Cryotherapy, you may wonder which of us is the guy who stopped a truck grill with his brain (literally)… FYI, it’s perfectly normal looking guy working 14 hours a day to bring you the same benefits he’s found to work so well for himself.

Welcome to -250º Cryotherapy!


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Emily Finlinson
Emily Finlinson
Massage Therapist
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts
Owner RN
Savanna Child
Savanna Child
Master Esthetician
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Happy clients

Cryotherapy is awesome.  I really like this place.  My inflammation is down and I feel. More awake and healthy.  Highly recommend this place.  Athletes,  people in pain,  and many others can benefit from this place.

Steve B.

I went to get full body cryotherapy because I had problems in my neck and shoulders. The athmosphere is really nice and they really try to help and find the best option for your specific need.
It was a whole new experience to be exposed to such cold temperatures. Beside it's physical benefits I noticed an endorphin rush. I smiled the whole time even though I was shaking. 😉

Brock, the owner, is a great guy, he took some time to show us around afterwards and their equipment is really impressive.
Definitely planing on going back and enjoy their spa offers!

Emily F.

"Ever since moving to Utah, I have been searching for massage equal to my therapist in Oregon, and have had a very hard time finding a worthy massage.  Jordan is the first therapist I have found that treats his work as an art and has gone the extra mile to expand his education and expertise well beyond basic certifications.

That means a lot to me and it was noticeable in a very effective and enjoyable massage.  Thank you Jordan!"

Jarem Frye

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