Cryotherapy And Beauty

Cryotherapy And Beauty

Freeze your way to your best side with Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy not only helps your body and your mind but your beauty as well. The biggest way cryotherapy helps you is through your skin. Every year we are presented with “new” and inventive ways to get tighter, brighter and younger looking skin, but the reality is that all these things can be achieved simply through cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy in a nut shell is a process were your body and skin are introduces to extremely cold air -133 through -250 in fact. Now the cold is not a new and innovative ways of bringing about beauty but has been used for hundreds of years. Women and men have doing things like ice baths, rubbing ice on their faces, using cooling agents such as mint, to help create that young look. While there are all good ways of trying it is never fun to put an ice cube on your face , or apply a sticky mixture and let is sit on your face for up to 15 -30 minutes. The cryotherapy process is easy painless and dry. The way cryotherapy creates this look using the cold is through collagen. Collagen can be found in many anti-aging face creams it is a protein that is very important to the connective tissue in your body. Tissues such as ligaments, and tendons and just as importantly it is something that is also found in your skin. As you age your body will begin to produce less collagen making your joints more stiff you hair lifeless and your skin begin to sag. This is where cryotherapy comes in. The cold of the cryotherapy freezes the outer layer of dermis making disrupting the production of the collagen in your skin, this makes your sin actually begin to produce even more collagen making your skin tighter, brighter and younger looking. The cold from the cryotherapy also makes the pores in your skin tighter and helps with any puffiness or redness.

Overall creating a natural easy way of getting great looking skin without all the hassle

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