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Minus 250 Degrees Cryotherapy was established after life-long athlete Brock Roberts was badly injured in an automobile accident, at the prime of his athletic career.Brock was in a serious auto accident in which he was a passenger.  When the truck struck the car, Brock was thrown from one side of the car to the other where the grill of the truck then threw Brock back over to the other side of the car.  He was severely injured.  His injuries caused him to deal with chronic pain, constant headaches, cognition and processing issues, sleep issues, TBI, vertigo, speech impediment and much more.

After almost two years of debilitating conditions following the accident, Brock stumbled across an article on a revolutionary, new concept in treatment and recovery, called “Cryotherapy.”  He began to study the modality and search for a facility where he could try it.  At that point there were concerns about Brock’s ability to even study the topic, and the burden that would place on his still injured brain.  To make a long story short, Brock found a Cryotherapy facility, began treatments and now confidently runs the most complete Cryotherapy and athletic recovery center in Utah Valley.  You might say he’s a convert!



-250º Cryotherapy boasts the most advanced whole body cryo sauna in the world, and top of the line equipment and facilities throughout.  Our atmosphere is geared toward athletes, complete with focus room, leather massage recliners, Ultra HD 4K curved flat screen TVs, massage rooms, spot cryotherapy, whole body cryotherapy, dressing rooms, restrooms and lounge.

In addition to our athletic recovery benefits, -250º Cryotherapy provides several beneficial beauty, anti-aging and luxury treatments, enjoyed by members of any age and activity level.  We also serve patients recovering from injury, surgery and chronic conditions.

We are dedicated to evolving the level of care and athleticism in Utah Valley, and to provide life changing services that improve your quality of life.  We’re proud and privileged to have served athletes and non-athletic clients who have come to us from as far as California, Florida, Main, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, and even Australia.

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Meet Our Team

Emily Finlinson
Emily Finlinson
Massage Therapist
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts
Owner RN
Savanna Child
Savanna Child
Master Esthetician

what people say about us

Why don't we have -250 Cryotherapy all over Utah and SL Valleys?  This type of therapy and treatment should be used in all hospitals and clinics!  Amazing results.  I tore both rotator cuffs- on a hike and I fell face-first.  I was so concerned about surgery and doctors only being able to prescribe ibuprofen or pain meds.  My husband brought me to -250 Cryotherapy instead, and they fit me right in and did spot treatment, full body, and the compression sleeves... and I feel like a new woman now.  Haven't been able to sleep for a few days because of the pain, but I actually fell asleep while doing the compression!  What a miracle this place is, and I am so grateful.  We will be getting memberships, and I can't wait to see my husband use the full cryotherapy chamber.  🙂

Sara F.

Cryotherapy is awesome.  I really like this place.  My inflammation is down and I feel. More awake and healthy.  Highly recommend this place.  Athletes,  people in pain,  and many others can benefit from this place.

Steve B.

I went to get full body cryotherapy because I had problems in my neck and shoulders. The athmosphere is really nice and they really try to help and find the best option for your specific need.
It was a whole new experience to be exposed to such cold temperatures. Beside it's physical benefits I noticed an endorphin rush. I smiled the whole time even though I was shaking. 😉

Brock, the owner, is a great guy, he took some time to show us around afterwards and their equipment is really impressive.
Definitely planing on going back and enjoy their spa offers!

Emily F.

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